Conference on summarizing 04 years of implementation of the Law on Commercial Arbitration held by the Vietnam Ministry of Justice

9.9 So ket Luat trong tai 7On 09 September 2015 a conference on summarizing 04 years of implementation of the Law on Commercial Arbitration held by the Vietnam Ministry of Justice, Chaired by Deputy Minister Nguyen Khanh Ngoc.

In the conference, many important issues are raised such as: Role of the courts to arbitration under the Law on commercial arbitration; Roles of the Hanoi People’s Court in settling claims against arbitral awards; Advantages and difficulties of application of the Law on Commercial Arbitration… With the aim to continue to promote the results achieved, pointing out the limitations, difficulties and problems, and find out causes. This is also a conference to debate and discus on solutions to remove difficulties and inadequacies, and propose measures to improve the effectiveness of arbitration in order to meet the practical requirements of socio – economic development, judicial reforms and international integration.

In this occasion, our Managing partner, Mr. Nguyen Manh Dzung makes speech on “Use of commercial arbitration in Vietnam. Some solutions to enhance the attractiveness of arbitration” which summarizes on issues such as the use of commercial arbitration in Vietnam; positive impacts of commercial arbitration; training and research; facilities, code of ethics and effectiveness… with the hope to contribute to the overall success of the conference.

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[photo: credited to the MOJ]

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