Our Philosophy

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  • Expert lawyers. Tailored approach


  • Cosmopolitan and nuanced approach


  • Capable of providing the legal services one would expect in international cases.


Our Philosophy

  • People

Corporation value is constituted of the value and creation of every employee, the strength of spirit of the union, sharing difficulties among the team and overall company strength. Therefore, we honor the value of each of our employees and give them all favorite conditions to show and bring into play their capability to the utmost.

  • Honesty and transparency

All members of the company in whatever position are always willing to provide and explain any information in full and accurately, clear and transparent in all activities, faithful in building relationship, trusty and serious in assigned work.

  • Righteousness

To be ethnic in the occupational practice, strictly comply with principles for professional lawyers which is the basis for the performance and career development of each lawyer and the whole Company.

  • Equality

We assure that all employees regardless of gender, age, race, skin color, class and religion are given equal opportunity to show personal value, extend the ability to improve the life quality of themselves and the surrounding people, aiming at a healthy and prosperous life.

  • Reservation and changes

With the inherited prestige built over the years of operation, we always reserve and develop our recognized values. We also make changes and create the Company development orientation for the future years.

  • Happiness sharing

At work and in society, we always respect the right of free development and showing personality as well as cultural and social thinking of each employee in order to creat a friendly working environment with belief, listening and sharing, bringing to our employees the satisfaction and happiness so that they can continue to contribute and confirm the core value of company, i.e., people.  

Our values


Speed is critical in both shipping and international commerce.


Strategic approach does not get things done. Our recommendations are known to be ROI oriented and we implement them.


Our style is approachable and direct. We care about transparency.


Lawyering excellence in our core specialties is part of our DNA.


Defending successfully our clients interests everyday is about resilience.


We secure our clients’ investments with the highest standards of integrity.


People first. We treat our clients as if they were our own and we groom our advisers like family.