From our very beginning as a shipping law firm, Dzungsrt & Associates has seen the importance of negotiation. In practice, maritime disputes are often settled in Vietnam through amicable negotiation between the involved parties owing to, in part, the country’s lack of a comprehensive and effective court system. This leads to our incorporation and promotion of negotiation as one of the firm’s core services in the resolution of all commercial disputes.

Dzungsrt & Associates believes that negotiation is one of the most practical ways to solve issues that arise from the day-to-day working of our clients, especially in consideration of the costs and inherent risks coming from lengthy and expensive court actions. Clients generally do not wish to engage in lengthy legal proceedings and often prefer quick and practical outcomes to their disputes. With that understanding in mind, we have built a team of skilful negotiators and established a reputation within the international shipping community as the foremost choice for cases in Vietnam. Now, our goal is to utilize the expertise and knowledge acquired during the course of our practice to best serve clients in not only shipping but also in other fields of activities and businesses.

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