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Manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and third-party logistics providers seek our unmatched hands-on experience to achieve operational efficiency, maximize their protections, and deliver excellent value to internal and external customers

Logistics & Supply chain is central to the evolution of an efficient global marketplace. While trying to gain a competitive advantage in this sector our clients face unpredictable changes impacting the way logistics services work and the chain of supply.

Dzungsrt & Associates LLC has a wide array and depth of experience across all parts of the sector and has handled logistics & supply chain related matters involving numerous practice areas.

Clients value our deep insights based on extensive experience through periods of growth and consolidation.

We are also a firm of choice for leading logistics companies and for parties involved in supply chain.

Coupled with the breadth of our experience in logistics and supply chain, our nimble lawyers provide a wide range of valuable advisory and handle complex litigation matters on all aspects, such as freight claims, double payment, liability, breach of contract, and accident-related matters, among others—with the goal being to achieve favorable outcomes short of litigation.

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