Restructuring and insolvency

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Creative and quick problem-solving lawyers

Our firm is known for its creative and quick problem-solving abilities, based on detailed analysis of specific projects. 

From the initial contact with a client to closing the deal, we provide efficient and timely advice on legal structures for each transaction and any inherent issues.

Our Expertise

We handle a full range of issues related to restructuring and insolvency:

  • Assignment and/or purchase of stake in limited liability companies and joint stock companies
  • Purchase of local enterprises or assets,
  • Stock acquisition
  • Mergers
  • Division and/or separation of enterprises
  • Business transfer
  • Asset transfer
  • Assessment of company legal documents
  • Due diligence reports

Key contacts

Nguyen Ngoc Minh

Hanoi Office

Vu Phuong Trang

Saigon Office