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Law on Mediation and Dialogue at Courts No. 58/2020/QH14 which took effect from 01 January 2021 develops an official mechanism for Court-annexed mediation. Accordingly, Court-annexed mediation is conducted prior to the court’s acceptance of the case giving the disputing parties another chance to amicably settle the case with the assistance of a mediator. Being appropriately explored, this can be a very effective dispute resolution method.

Dzungsrt & Associates co-operated with the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme People’s Court in establishing the framework for Court-annexed mediation. Our lawyers are also trained in mediation academically and professionally so we are very confident in our understanding of the legal framework in this form of mediation.

Our knowledge has helped us develop capabilities and translated very well into practice. We are well equipped to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ legal problems.

Our services:

  • Advising the procedure related to court annex mediation
  • Presenting in Court annex mediation
  • Recommending the mediator(s) for dispute settlement
  • Drafting/ Reviewing the settlement agreement
  • Etc.

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