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The Asia-Pacific Arbitration Review 2020

Dispute Resolution / Legal insights | January 01, 2020 | By DZUNGSRT & ASSOCIATES
The Asia-Pacific Arbitration Review 2020


Accreditation: An extract from GAR’s The Asia-Pacific Arbitration Review 2020, first published in June 2019. The whole publication is available at

Following the development of dispute resolution in the AsiaPacific area in particular and the world in general, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is becoming a favoured option for settling disputes not only between Vietnamese parties and their foreign partners but also among themselves. Since 2017, the Vietnamese government has announced new regulations that facilitate the usage of ADR in Vietnam, especially concerning commercial arbitration and mediation. Accordingly, there was an increase in
both the quantity and quality of dispute resolution in 2018, which is demonstrated through the remarkable numbers of arbitration institutions, arbitrators and disputes involved in ADR. This year also witnessed a change in the attitude of the Vietnamese courts toward commercial arbitration and welcomed a pilot programme of court-annexed mediation, which is expected to bring a more efficient and expeditious procedure for disputing parties.


Nguyen Ngoc Minh

Nguyen Thi Thu Trang

Nguyen Thi Mai Anh


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